Maniacs Fanatics


Welcome to the HOME of the Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics!

The Maniacs were founded by 3 local runners in 2003, several years later the Half Fanatics was created and most recently the Ultra Madness club. Now the clubs have over 33,000 members around the world! Race Director Tony Phillippi is one of the 3 founding members and would like to welcome the you to come run the Tacoma City Marathon in the beautiful State of Washington. The course highlights the Puget Sound where it is home of the orca whales and the worlds largest octopus. We have a low key Saturday Ghost Marathon and Half for those that choose to run two marathons or half's in 2 days. The main event is Sunday with an option to run a 50k as well.

You can earn an extra medal by going the extra distance in half marathon or the 50k on Sunday.

We'd love to have you join us in the weekend's running festivities!

There is a club discount posted on the Maniac and Fanatic race calendars. 

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