12th Annual Michelob ULTRA Tacoma City Marathon - April 29th 2018


When does Registration open for 2017? July 15th, 2016

When does Registration close? Online closes on April 26, 2017 at midnight. Packet pickup registration is available on Friday, April 28 and Saturday April 29, 2016

Where can I find the Runner's World article? >>HERE

Where can I park for the event?  Street parking is free on Sundays in the city.  There is limited parking at the Marathon/Half Marathon/Marathon Relay Start, a shuttle bus will be running back to the airport from 9:00am to 1:00pm.  You can catch the shuttle buses at Tollefson Plaza across the street from the Art Museum (The Finish Line).  Tacoma Art Museum is on the same block as the Start/Finish line.  Parking info for Tacoma Art Museum can be found HERE.  Also, here are some Downtown garage parking locations.

For more information on the shuttle bus and parking, click HERE

I am running the Half Marathon, can I drive to the start at 8:00am? No, the roads from the bridge to the airport will close before the marathon start and they will not re-open until after the half marathon start. If you want to drive to the airport and run the half marathon, please plan on showing up early to avoid being stuck in a road closure and missing the start. 

Shuttle bus information: Shuttle buses will depart from Hood Street in front of the Tacoma Art Museum (google map here)
First bus leaves at 4:30 am
Last bus leaves at 6:30 am
Do not wait for the last bus

For more information on the shuttle bus, click HERE

Is there a Military discount available? Yes, there is a $5 discount for military personnel. You will see a check box on the registration page. You must show your Military ID at packet pick up.

Can I switch race distances after I have signed up? Yes, you can switch distances at packet pickup. There are no refunds. If you move up in distances please be prepared to pay the price difference. Pick up your packet first and then go to the registration booth where the timer will reassign your bib number.

Can an entry be transferred to someone else? No.

I registered, but have learned that I will be unable to participate.  Is my entry fee refundable? Our policy is no refunds, no transfers to another individual or to another TCMA event, and no rollovers to the next year's race. Sorry, no exceptions.
Can I pick up someone else's race packet? Yes, as long as you have permission from them to do so. Written permission is not required.

Can I pick up my race packet on race day? You must pick it up at the packet pickup, unless pre-arranged. (packet pickup closes at 6:00 pm) We understand that some people are coming from out of town.

What time does the race start? The Marathon & Marathon Relay start at 7:00 AM. The Half Marathon starts at 8:00 AM. The 5k starts at 8:00 AM.

Can I start the marathon 1 hour early at 6:00 AM? Yes, there is an early start provided for those needing more than 6 hours to complete the marathon. Please check in with the timer at the start line. Early starters finishing under 5 hours will be disqualified and not given a finish time. You must need the extra time to start early. Early starters must be self-supported, know the route, and obey all traffic/pedestrian laws until officers and volunteers are on the course. You are on your own until officers and volunteers arrive on the course.

Will there be professional photographers on the course? Yes, our professional photography is provided by ontherunevents.com.

Is the race Chip Timed? Yes, Chip Start, Chip Split, Chip Finish. Your timing tag is attached to the back of your race bib. In order to receive a time your race bib must be worn on the outside of your top outer garment.Avoid bending your bib which may damage the timing tag. The timing tag is disposable so it does not need to be returned.
If you have any questions regarding the timing, please click >>HERE

Do you get a commemorative shirt when you sign up? Yes. Everyone gets a shirt. 

Do you get a finisher medal? Yes, Full Marathon, Half Marathon and each Marathon Relay member will receive a medal. 

Can I pick up my award after the race? The only awards that will be give are the age group awards for the 5K. The Full and Half marathon age group awards will be customized and mailed out after the race. 

How many miles is the Tacoma City Marathon? 26.2 miles or 42,195 meters.

Is the Marathon course flat? The Marathon course is a net downhill course, more information here <<

Is the Half Marathon flat? The Half Marathon course is very fast with a couple of overpass hills much of the course is on the beautiful, flat waterfront, more information here <<

Can you walk the Marathon? We have a 7 hour cut off with the early start. 16 minute per mile pace with the early start.

Can you walk the Half Marathon? We have a 5 hour cut off. If police don't think you can make it in the allotted time you may be moved to the sidewalk, the finish line will remain until you finish.

Can you walk the 5k? Yes

Are strollers allowed? Yes, in the 5K & Half Marathon only.

Are dogs allowed? Sorry, not for this event.

Where can I park? Parking information HERE

What is the average temperature for April in Tacoma? 46 low - 64 high. Find the weather forecast >>HERE.

How far is the Start from the Finish line? It is about 11 miles. We recommend the shuttle bus to Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay Start. Same Start/Finish for 5k and Kids Marathon.

Will there be showers available after the race? Yes! Runners will be allowed to shower at the Market Street YMCA after the race. Runners must present photo ID and race bibs in order to be able to shower, you will also be asked to sign a guest waiver prior to be given access to the showers. 

Is there a gear check at the start? Yes and the gear will be brought to the finish.

Are there porta potties at the start? Yes

Are there porta potties on the course? Yes, at all the aid stations (about every two miles).

Can I wear headphones during the race? Yes, be safe and don't turn them up so loud that you can't hear volunteers or police. We recommend leaving one ear bud out. Be safe out there.

Will there be pacers to get me a Boston or New York Qualifier? Yes, by the Marathon Maniacs & Half Fanatics! More information HERE

Are the courses USATF certified? Yes certification numbers are: WA17005RMB for the marathon, WA14017MN for the half marathon and WA14007MN for the 5K.

Will there be energy gel on the course? Yes, Powerbar Gel & Nuun Electrolyte will be on the course. Gel at mile 7.1, 14.5, and 18.6.

Are we missing something? Please let us know and we will gladly make the addition. Contact Us

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