11th Annual Michelob ULTRA Tacoma City Marathon - April 30th 2017



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Tacoma City Half Marathon Runners!

Tacoma City Half Marathon Finishers:

Unfortunately there was a wrong turn made at the start of the Half Marathon resulting in the mile markers being off the entire race as well as adding distance to the Half Marathon. We realized at the very start of the race that the wrong turn had been made, we immediately made the call to take out the out and back section on N. 9th Street. Knowing it wouldn’t compensate for the total distance of the wrong out and back made at the start it would at least take off over two tenths of a mile. We have measured off the mistake out and back, measured the out and back section taken out during the race resulting in a distance ran of 13.44 miles. Please keep in mind there is a safety factor of 1.001 % built into the original measurement resulting in all certified courses to be long.

The new distance has been added to the race results so your overall pace will be changed. We hope this will clarify what happened race morning, thank you for running Michelob Ultra Tacoma City Marathon and we hope to see you again next year.


Tony Phillippi | President

2016 Tacoma City Half Marathon Results

Archived Results & Records

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2015 Results
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1981 Results provided by Micky Allen
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Marathon Records

Female  2:48:04 Allison Linnell   *2012

Male  2:33:14 Shaun Frandsen   *2015



Female 3:03:28 Jennifer Seibel   *2014

Male 2:38:11 Michael Lynes  *2008


Super Master

Female 3:21:27 Julie Groo

Male 2:59:48  Gary Allen   *2012


Marathon Relay Records

Corporate Team  2:57:17 Team Deloitte   *2014


Half Marathon Records

Female  1:19:49  Kate Bradshaw  *2012

Male  1:09:47  Sean Sunwall



Female 1:25:45 Joanne Templeman

Male 1:13:11 Andrew Hillier   *2014


Super Master

Female 1:33:41 Julie Groo

Male 1:21:56 Arthur Dunn *2012


 5K Records

Female 20:09 Megan Farooqui

Male 16:20 Mark Vaneycke



Female Anita Behbaum

Male 16:59 Lance Docken


Super Master

Female 22:23  Sue Strout  *2012

Male 19:25 Pat Kenworthy   *2012

This is a list of people who have completed the Marathon race all 9 years since 2007:

Ronald Fowler
Jane Herzog
Pedro Infante
Ashley West (Kuhlmann)
Mike Kuhlmann
Ray Leske
Andy Piercy
Bruce Quam
Shannon Schulz
David Spooner
Brian Starkey
Merita Trohimovich
Marie Zornes

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