ULTRA Marathon


2018 debuted The Michelob Ultra Marathon (50K). This third annual 31-mile ULTRA Marathon will run the same course as the Marathon with a 4.8 mile extension on the Tacoma Tide Flats.

Time Limit is 6 hours for the Ultra Marathon. Early start is available for those needing the extra hour. Please check in with the timer before you start. You will be on your own until the race catches up to you. At the start of the race Ruston Way will not be closed to traffic. Use the sidewalk to run the 4 mile out and back along side Ruston Way.

Participants who run the Michelob ULTRA distance (50k) receive a commemorative medal for completing the Michelob ULTRA. Participants wishing to run the ULTRA should register for the Marathon and check the appropriate box. There is no additional charge to run the ULTRA Marathon.

Run the 5k Saturday, May 2nd at 7:30 am. Pace yourself though and start the Half or Full Marathon 1 hour later at 8:30 am! The Ghost of Tacoma course is a beautiful out and back along the Tacoma Waterfront. Flat and fast but it is a low key event with several stoplight crossings. You must obey pedestrian laws during this event. YOU CAN DO IT!

Example medal from 2018

Link to Map My Run ULTRA Marathon 4.8 Mile Extension of the Marathon HERE<<